Combining the best of both worlds

with our open source hardware and cloud software platform

OpenMotics’ platform combines affordable open source hardware with modern cloud solutions. The intuitive platform learns from your behaviour and can expand to your personal needs by subscribing to extra services.

Open Source

Open source design ensures an open platform that prevents vendor lock-in


With the use of the integrated Marketplace the system can be extended to your specific needs


Our DIN rail mounted hardware modules with embedded design ensure an affordable & durable installation


Easily configure, monitor and use every aspect of your installation with our intuitive interfaces on pc, tablet and smartphone

Cloud Enabled

Available from anywhere, on any device, our Cloud platform offers unique benefits to both professionals and end-users

Community Scope

The platform aggregates data from different units to be able to optimize entire communities

OpenMotics for Professionals

Smart Homes offer significant benefits during the planning, designing and building phases of any new home, office or other building.

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OpenMotics for End Users

Our Smart Home technology brings modern comforts within reach for every budget. From a modest appartment to a grand estate, our platform allows you full and secure control over every aspect of your home from any device, anywhere in the world.

With its integrated Marketplace you are even able to expand its features to suit your exact needs and connect to other devices

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Technological solutions for a durable future

OpenMotics enables both the engineers and users of our Smart Home technology to make better use of the available resources

Our solutions are a perfect match for anyone wanting to optimize their investment and decrease their environmental footprint.

Some of our achievements:

Thanks to OpenMotics we implemented an efficient solution to manage our office lightings and blinds. The open nature of OpenMotics enabled us to easily integrate this with our portal.

Benjamin Jacobs, Sentia

The Wattfactory in Ghent, Belgium offers co-working rooms, event spaces & offices. Installation of their OpenMotics system has enabled them multi-tenant access, light & heating control in every room and detailed electricity consumption measurements.

WattFactory Ghent, Belgium

Despite our past experiences and having doubted for a long time we finally decided to install the entire OpenMotics system. What finally won us over were the price (at the end it was less expensive than a basic installation (without heating control, without control over the internet etc) from other vendors) and the DIY aspect (having control over, and being able to understand one of the most important system in one’s home is a great feeling).

Sylvie V., Oostakker, Belgium

I’m definitely a fan; wouldn’t go back to the limitations of other hard-wired systems

Michel S., Cork, Ireland

I love the fact that it is an open system. It’s already very good, and it just keeps on getting better and better.

Stijn B., Kortrijk, Belgium

The system is very flexible and accessible. And it always works! Even my grandma can use it.

Nick V., Bacau, Romania

Our initial skepticism towards an unknown company (especially when seeing the difference in price) was completely removed.

Joost M., Amsterdam, The Netherlands

We are looking for people to join our team!

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