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OpenMotics: your modern, open source home automation at a reasonable price that’s easy to use!

Anyone building or renovating a home now has the option to combine the strengths of
a hardwired system with the quality of open source principles but at a fraction of the cost.

Some of the features include integrated detailed power measurement, multi-zone heating, automated actions & moods, sensor input, open source hardware and software, and so much more…

Discover the possibilities

Home management from anywhere at any time…

… on any device




Available as a Local or a Cloud based service


ur Management platform comes available in 2 flavors to suit everyone’s needs & preferences:

  • Cloud: Our highly secure Cloud based Management platform connects to your Gateway module and includes easy setup, remote access from anywhere in the world, automatic updates, configuration backups, VPN tunneling and much more, all without effort.
  • Local: Running the Management platform as a local service on your Gateway module provides you with full control over your installation but requires you to manually set-up certain features (including access from outside your local network)

Meet the modules

We’ve created some of the most power efficient and straightforward modules around. With the OpenMotics hardware in your fuse box wired to your equipment and appliances you’ll get the perfect match between function & efficiency.
Each of our modules is designed for a specific set of tasks (i.e toggle circuits, receive input from switches, control external dimmers, etc.) and available at an affordable price. Read more on how the system works or check out the System Planner to design your system and get an instant quote.

Did you know that OpenMotics is the first to offer a fully open source professional wired home automation solution & power measurement platform? Now you do!

Go to the Shop
Go to the Shop
The OpenMotics platform features advanced lighting options that enable you to create custom moods, control lights based on external data (weather, sundown, etc.) and create all on/ all off switches!
The OpenMotics platform is designed with DIY in mind. Cabling and connecting the different modules is easy and straightforward.
The shutters automatically go down when the sun sets. A simple example of how the many automation options will simplify your life!
With the available sensors its possible to feed the system external data: temperature to control the heating, humidity to turn on the bathroom fan and much more!
The OpenMotics platform offers an almost unlimited amount of possibilities.
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After being in use for more than 3 years without issues I can only recommend the convenience and feature set of the OpenMotics system so don’t hesitate and give them a call today!
Joost M.,
What finally won us over were the price (at the end it was less expensive than a very basic installation from other vendors) and the DIY aspect: having control over, and being able to understand one of the most important systems in one’s home is a great advantage.
Sylvie V.,