I don’t trust a cloud service and would never put my house in the cloud.

Is it safe to put my house in the cloud?

I often receive the following question: Is it safe to put my house in the cloud? Or even stronger: I don’t trust a cloud service and would never put my house in the cloud. « As OpenMotics, we provide the option to have connectivity to the cloud but it’s an option, you can perfectly opt for […]

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People working together - open source

How to make Open Source hardware products CE certified?

Creating a product is fun, making it open source is even more fun. When it starts to sell, you feel you did things right. The question however, did you really did it right? Do I comply with all requirements defined by the European Union? Did I perform the necessary tests? Can I safely put the […]

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Professional home automation

Professional home automation and its ridiculous pricing strategies

Some customers ask us why the OpenMotics price is so low compared to the traditional professional home automation vendors. Some don’t believe the same quality can be obtained when comparing to the traditional vendors just looking at the price. If we compare our way of working with that of the industry, you will probably find […]

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Micro can module

Using the OpenMotics micro CAN modules efficiently

The micro CAN module is OpenMotics’ latest powerhouse offering multiple features in a small package. As with most multifunctional devices some steps can be taken to ensure the most efficient use. First, let’s take a look at the specs of the micro CAN module: 6 Inputs Connect up to 6 inputs. An input can be […]

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What type of ledstrips can be connected to OpenMotics?

Today, you have so many versions of ledstrips that it becomes difficult to know which strips can be connected to Openmotics and which strips can’t. This blog will help you to select the right strip for your application and make sure it can be connected to your Openmotics gear. To answer the above question, let’s […]

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OpenMotics is now compatible with Google Assistant.

OpenMotics is now compatible with Google Assistant.

The direct integration of OpenMotics with Google Assistant makes it possible to control all technologies linked to OpenMotics using voice commands. Just by saying ‘Hey Google’ and giving a command or asking a question, you can be assisted in almost everything. How to install the app? Open the Google Home app on your phone and […]

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We have a new website and this is why:

You are now looking at a brand new website (version 4.0). Not only the appearance, but certainly also the functionalities, have undergone major changes. We take you along in all innovations and are naturally curious about your opinion! A thorough update was   (desperately) needed: « the website was in need of improvements, modernisation, responsiveness for […]

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The benefits of working in a Smart Office

An office as we know it, is outdated. Nowadays companies are looking for more than just a place to work. People spend at least 8 hours a day in their office, so it should be a place where comfort and efficiency meet. From this perspective, smart buildings are the answer. SAVE MONEY AND ENERGY The […]

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Electricity works De Gersem Mathieu

Testimonial Tuesday: an installer speaking

Mathieu is an electrician active in and around Aalter – Belgium. He has years of experience in the sector and specializes in the installation of home automation and automation in general. INCREASING DEMAND FOR SMART HOMES On an everyday basis, Mathieu sees the demand for Smart Living increasing. People are looking for the ultimate comfort […]

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Women sleeping

4 reasons why you should install smart technologies in your bedroom

In general, we keep our smartphone close to us. Even when we go to sleep, we often place it on our bedside table. Did you know that this creates many opportunities to make bedtime or getting up more comfortable thanks to home automation systems? In this article, we’ll prove it to you! Rise and shine […]

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