4 reasons why you should install smart technologies in your bedroom

Women sleeping
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In general, we keep our smartphone close to us. Even when we go to sleep, we often place it on our bedside table. Did you know that this creates many opportunities to make bedtime or getting up more comfortable thanks to home automation systems? In this article, we’ll prove it to you!

Rise and shine

While waking up, your radio starts playing, your lights gradually turn on and your shutters open. It’s the best alarm clock you can have! Home automation makes it possible to wake up with a smile every morning. 

In the meanwhile, the thermostat in your bathroom is already set to 23 degrees to ensure a pleasant warm morning routine.

Leaving for work in a hurry? Push the ‘goodbye’ button at your front door to make sure all the lights are turned off. Home automation makes the morning rush a little less stressful.

Checking on the kids without waking them 

Want to check on the kids, but they always wake up because of the noise when you enter the room? Just take your smartphone and check your security camera to make sure they are really asleep.

Nightly comfort

You just crawled in bed, but you realise you forgot to turn off the lights downstairs? Again, home automation comes in handy! Via your smartphone you can easily switch off all the lights in your house. 

Getting up at night

Are the kids crying in the middle of the night? Need to go to the toilet? Thanks to home automation you no longer need to worry about not finding the lightswitch or tripping in the dark. By activating a lightscene via the OpenMotics app, all the lights you need to find your way in the darkness, are turned on. It makes getting up at night a lot easier.

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