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Using the OpenMotics micro CAN modules efficiently

The micro CAN module is OpenMotics' latest powerhouse offering multiple features in a small package. As with most multi functional devices some steps should be taken to ensure its most efficient use. First, let's take a look at the specs of the micro CAN module: 6 Inputs Connect up to 6 inputs. An input can [...]

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Expanding scalability with virtual assets

Up until now OpenMotics has worked on developing a complete platform to cover most home automation aspects. Using our different hardware modules you’re able to connect, monitor and control most aspects of your house : Switching (including switches, motion sensors, pulse counters, etc.) Toggling (lights, curtains, doors, outlets, pumps, heating, etc.) Dimming (dimmers, actuators, etc.) [...]

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Daikin A/C and OpenMotics, the perfect match

Since the inception of our home automation platform, we’ve always wanted perfectly integrated heating and cooling. Nowadays, many of our customers have floor heating that can act as cooling as well. This is a great and cost effective solution but may fall short when rapid heating/cooling is required or extreme hot/cold weather occurs. On top [...]

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Quality & assurance: not to be taken lightly

The Problem Designing hardware is one thing, making sure that every single piece of hardware is properly tested before it leaves the production facility is another. Many hardware manufacturers only test one in x produced devices but we are convinced that when going for 100% customer satisfaction every device needs to be thoroughly tested. During [...]

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Professional home automation and its ridiculous pricing strategies

Some customers ask us why the OpenMotics price is so low compared to the traditional professional home automation vendors. Some don’t believe the same quality can be obtained when comparing to the traditional vendors just looking at the price. If we compare our way of working with that of the industry, you will probably find [...]

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Reinventing the Energy module

I was recently asked why we were in the process of designing a new Energy module. There are already 3rd party modules with pulse outputs that can be connected to our hardware. On top of that we have our own Power module providing integrated real-time and historical power metrics. In short, we wanted to add [...]

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OpenMotics, sense or nonsense?

Ask most people that built or renovated their house about home automation and they’ll tell you one of three things (or all of them): “way too expensive”, “too complicated” or simply “not for me”. Unfortunately they’re probably right, as most professional systems will break the bank be it in installation costs or service fees. That’s [...]

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