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Be in control of your budget

Up until now, making the decision to invest in a home automation platform has been reserved for a select few. With the OpenMotics platform we offer the possibility to have all the benefits of a home automation platform without burning a hole in your wallet. Not only do we offer our hardware components at incredibly low prices but our optional cloud platform is completely free.

There are however additional factors to consider before making your purchase: power consumption of the necessary hardware & can the system help me save money? We’ve succeeded in accomplishing a very power efficient hardware design that keeps operational costs to the bare minimum. Additionally we’ve included our revolutionary and highly detailed power measurement options that allow you to easily pinpoint power-hungry appliances and will help reduce your monthly electricity bill.

  • Affordable for anyone
  • Revolutionary & unique features

'If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old' - Peter F. Drucker

One platform to rule them all

Everything has an app or “smart features” these days: thermostats, smart light bulbs, dimmers, ventilation, audio receivers, etc. But before you know it you spend more time remembering which app controls which function, or figuring out what the controls were. You’d have to install all of them on each and every smartphone, tablet and laptop in the house, let alone the hassle of having to reinstall everything when a device breaks.

So why not have all these appliances and comfort options packed into a single platform? No more hassle of setting everything up time and time again; simply login on whichever device you choose from wherever and you’re good to go. Since our revolutionary Cloud based management and monitoring solution runs online there is no way of ever losing any data. Additionally we’ve made sure that all communications between your installation and the Cloud platform is encrypted to protect your data and privacy.

  • Fully integrated
  • Mobile compatible
  • Secure

Comfort at your fingertips

Of course the OpenMotics platform covers the basics of home automation: different lighting schemes (or ‘moods’) at the click of a button, customizable switch actions, controllable outlets, time and environmental based actions, roller shutter control, and so much more! Additionally we offer some revolutionary extras and the system can grow together with your needs. What about multi-zone heating with fully customizable daily regimes. Or detailed power measurement directly in the fuse box that will enable you to monitor those power hungry appliances and standby power consumers in real-time and historically. How about having an instant overview of other utilities like gas and water? You can even integrate your alarm system to make your home safer. In the future we’ll add presence simulation and so much more. Feel like anything is missing, let us know!
  • Full featured home automation
  • Customizable moods & lighting
  • Multi-zone heating
  • Detailed power measurement
  • All on, all off functionality
  • Environmental input