Daikin A/C and OpenMotics, the perfect match

//Daikin A/C and OpenMotics, the perfect match

Since the inception of our home automation platform, we’ve always wanted perfectly integrated heating and cooling. Nowadays, many of our customers have floor heating that can act as cooling as well. This is a great and cost effective solution but may fall short when rapid heating/cooling is required or extreme hot/cold weather occurs. On top of that many choose to have a basic heating/cooling system combined with additional A/C infrastructure.

This doesn’t mean we didn’t support multiple types of heating/cooling (i.e. radiators combined with floor heating/cooling) up until now but we have successfully added full support for Daikin A/C equipment as a bonus. Daikin, founded in 1924, has been an innovative leader when it comes to reliable and cost effective air conditioning systems.

Preferring simplicity (which we always do) we’ve integrated the Daikin hardware using the RTD-10 remote control unit from RT that connects the Daikin bus (using a bus cable) to the OpenMotics system (using our Dim Control module).
This connectivity allows us to seamlessly switch on & switch off the A/C, set the temperature setpoint, fan speed, fan angle and heating/cooling mode.
In short this means that you can have remotely controllable A/C in your home with nothing more than an RTD-10 remote control and an OpenMotics Dim Control module.

With the above setup, you can configure the Daikin system to be the primary or secondary heating/cooling system. This also allows you to fully control your traditional heating/cooling system together with your Daikin airco system in one single interface, from anywhere, on any device. If required, you can even check your power consumption using the Openmotics Energy module.

Every perfect marriage is based on simplicity, we’ve found it 🙂

For more information how to set this up, please visit our extensive wiki page.

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