Our team

His highly analytical thinking skills enable him to catch all those salmon swimming upstream.
Pieter De Clerck
He is a real herd animal, he is always looking for peaceful partnerships with all other species.
Wilbert Ingels
Bold and fearless but zen, he welcomes any challenge.
Stefaan Aelbrecht
Product Development & Strategic Partnerships
Once she’s got her teeth into a project or lead, she keeps going until the expectations of every party have been met.
Natasha Hendrickx
Sales & marketing Director
Thanks to his sportsmanship and persistence, he succeeds in converting a lead into effective sales.
Christoph Bittner
Sales Representative
She sneaks unseen through the long grass in the social media jungle so she can pounce on her target group.
Céline De Geeter
General Online Marketeer
Are you the parrot we are looking for?
He is independant, focused and perfectly adapted to a technical environment.
Brian Castillo Farano
Project Manager & Technical Presales
With his flexible tentacles he is an all-rounder, sticking to lots of different projects all at the same time.
Pieter Van Laethem
Operations, Logistics & Project Manager
Are you the turtle we are looking for?
Curiosity leads him to look for new places where he can build an ingenious and comfortable nest.
Yannick Clybouw
Technical Product Manager
As an energetic and curious digger, he finds his way through every code.
Sander Van Schoote
R&D manager
He patiently goes through each code. He is independent and strong on his own, but also works well in a team.
Pieter-Jan Tuytschaever
Embedded Software Engineer
With his superhero powers he builds a strong and structured foundation for every code.
Kenneth Henderick
Senior Software Engineer
He manages to always maintain a 360° view on the energy management system.
Chaim De Mulder
Software Engineer
He is spontaneous, cheerful, skillful with code. He adapts quickly and always stays in a good mood.
Felix De Mûelenaere
Software Engineer
Graceful, fast and agile, he goes through every code.
Daiderd Jordan
Senior Software Engineer
Like a cheerful bird, he flies diligently but gently through every code, what he manages to rebuild into a beautiful nest.
Olivier Overstraete
Senior Mobile Software Engineer
Heedful as he is, he builds a beautiful nest in a playful and sometimes cunning way.
Yeager Vanhooren
Frontend Lead Developer
Are you the flamingo we are looking for?


Five engineers and friends entered a new phase of life – buying, building, renovating – and went looking for a dream house. Their home could not be a dream house without technological gadgets that could communicate with each other and so result in automation and optimisation. An affordable platform that makes all this possible was nowhere to be found on the market.

After putting their heads together, they found a solution to their problem … their own platform!

OpenMotics ontstaan

We began developing a reliable open system in 2007. Now we have succeeded in maintaining and strengthening our position in the market as part of the Renson Group.

What makes OpenMotics extra special is that the system is completely vendor-neutral and in addition to an online connection also offers the possibility to operate without external connectivity.