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One module

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Easy installation


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A new generation of hardware with benefits for every party
Don't be stupid. Use (y)our Brain.
Stroom Duurzame Technieken


✔ Easy installation

✔ Module size: 12 (Brain+)

✔ Affordable

✔ Total solution

✔ Free training


Property developer

✔ Futureproof project

✔ Extra comfort for residents

✔ Sustainable

✔ Total solution

✔ Affordable

Smart Home Living Room


✔ More comfort

✔ Sustainable lifestyle

✔ Easily expandable

✔ Total solution

✔ Affordable

Brain module
An all-in-one solution. Anywhere and anytime.
Locatie EN
From home
At the office
On vacation

The OpenMotics Brain en Brain+ module is an all-in-one solution for home and building automation. Depending on the version, the module contains the necessary connectors to automate numerous functionalities such as lighting, dimmers, push buttons, heating, P1, … in your project.

This allows you to control all techniques anywhere and anytime. Whether you’re sitting in your lazy chair at home, at the office or on vacation. Thanks to the free OpenMotics app, you’re always in control.

Choose the base of your OpenMotics system.
A flexible and expandable system

In addition to this impressive new module, our entire hardware range has been updated. Each and every one of them improves the functionality of your system. OpenMotics is so incredibly extensible and flexible.

OpenMotics Smart Living
Different generations of hardware. One platform.

Already have OpenMotics hardware at home? Are you concerned if we continue to support our previous generation? Good news. Comfort is central to us. That is why your modules remain operational and they do not need to be replaced.

Do you want to further expand your installation in the future? That is still possible. The GEN2 hardware remains available to this day to make your home future-proof.

Don't rack your brain. Request more info.

Property developer

Looking for a total solution to automate all the technologies within your project? 

At OpenMotics we can link up the various different technologies that are available in your project to offer automation and optimisation. We do so by creating one central platform for the monitoring and management of all technologies within your project. Furthermore, because of the open and flexible nature of OpenMotics, you can also add and integrate new and/or other technologies at a later moment in the construction phase. On a private and collective level.

Looking for ways to make your project more appealing?

On the private level we can provide the necessary management per residential unit (home automation – Smart Living). This offers your residents a comfortable and energy-efficient life. Thanks to the modular nature of OpenMotics you can also give residents the option to extend their home automation according to their needs and wishes. This obviously increases the value and appeal of your project.

On the collective level we can ensure the necessary comfort and sustainability depending on the project. We will support you where necessary, and use our expertise and our platform to help you find the most efficient solution for your project.

Need a sustainable but affordable solution for your project?

We want to keep things affordable for everyone and for every project. Home automation is no longer a luxury item. OpenMotics’ mission is to make smart technology in buildings affordable for everyone, including you and your buyers. We make this possible by offering affordable hardware, low installation costs and flawless delivery.