Our explanation of the capacity tariff


Will it happen, or won’t it? That’s the question we’ve been asking ourselves for a while. The capacity tariff was due to be introduced in early 2022. But what is it?

Top 3 construction trends in 2022

construction trend 2022

The corona crisis, the rapid evolution of technologies and changing requirements in terms of housing… What are the three most important trends for 2022?

The benefits of working in a Smart Office

Smart Office

An office as we know it is outdated. Companies today are looking for more than just a workplace. People spend about 8 hours a day in their office. Therefore, it must be a place where comfort and efficiency meet. From this perspective, Smart Buildings are the answer. Save energy and costs in your Smart Office […]

How home automation helps create the perfect Christmas


Christmas is just around the corner so it’s the perfect time to start planning your Christmas party. But how can you create the perfect atmosphere and impress your bubble? You can always go for the ‘voice control move’ where you say “Hey Google, turn off the lights” when your guests least expect it. But, we […]

Ultimate comfort and safety in your second home

Smart Living

This year, holidays in our own country are more popular than ever. Also the sale of holiday homes has increased. Within these homes, people are looking for comfort and relaxation in a safe environment. This is possible by installing Smart Living in your home away from home.  A real relaxing get-away Second homeowners are looking […]

A true Smart Community: De Nieuwe Dokken

Dokken all

The Nieuwe Dokken is an ambitious and innovative building project on Schipperskaai in Ghent, where sustainable and comfortable living take centre stage. Thanks to OpenMotics automation, every residence in The Nieuwe Dokken is connected to a heat distribution grid that is fed by residual heat from the neighbouring firm, Christeyns. The heat consumption of the company is therefore optimised for the benefit […]

How can you easily create a movie scene?

OpenMotics movie scene

Due to the persistent measures to contain the corona crisis, a trip to the cinema is not so evident… But fear not – with OpenMotics you can bring the cinema feeling into your living room!  Today, Netflix released some great series and movies: Black Butler (Season 3), American Murder: The Family Next Door, The Boys […]

The amazing features of the new OpenMotics Cloud

OpenMotics Cloud

Today, we launched the new version of our online platform: the OpenMotics Cloud. Not only the appearance, but also the functionalities, have undergone major changes. But why, you may ask? In this blogpost, we want to point out some of the amazing new features and reasons why we released a new version of the Cloud. […]