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Frequently asked questions

What can I automate in my home with OpenMotics?

OpenMotics offers a total solution for your home. This means that you can integrate practically every technology in your home into the system. Household appliances, heating devices, airco installations, solar shading, lighting and security systems can all be managed via a smartphone or tablet so that you can reduce your carbon footprint at the same time as increasing your comfort. We also offer integrations with Google Home, Philips Hue, the Davis weather station, various HVAC systems …

Does smart building technology increase the value of your building(s)?

There is currently an incredible rise in demand for smart building technology. When buying or renting a home, people are increasingly looking for a property where comfort and/or sustainability are central. By installing smart building technology, you create that comfort and sustainability. And so the value of your home increases.

Can I install OpenMotics without having to make renovations?

OpenMotics focuses on new-build projects and major renovations because specific cables are required for the installation. Depending on the cable systems present in your home, it might still be possible to install OpenMotics later. We’d be happy to discuss your project with you via

Who is authorised to install my OpenMotics system?

In theory, with a little know-how you can install your OpenMotics modules yourself. If you decide to opt for an authorised fitter, you can always contact us via so that we can look for qualified fitters in your area.

How can I save energy with smart building technology?

We give residents, owners and/or building supervisor insight into the consumption of all utilities for every home and/or building, both on a communal and individual level. 

In so doing OpenMotics creates smart buildings in which, depending on their level of authorisation, everyone can consult and monitor, thus giving rise to the necessary optimisations in the area of energy management

What happens to my system if OpenMotics goes bankrupt?

When you invest in smart building technology it’s obviously very important to invest in a reliable system. We started developing a reliable open system at OpenMotics in 2007. As part of the Renson Group we have succeeded in maintaining and strengthening our position in the market. What makes OpenMotics extra special is that the system is completely vendor-neutral and in addition to an online connection also offers the possibility to operate without external connectivity. This means that your house will always remain operative, even after a bankruptcy.