Voice Control

Voice Control

Voice-control your smart lighting and heating with Google Assistant.

Digitale woonassistent

Digitale Woonassistent

Integrate Digitale Woonassistent into your OpenMotics system for greater convenience.

Davis weather station

Davis Weatherstation

Control your sun protection on the basis of real-time weather conditions.

Renson logo

Endura Delta

Connect your Endura Delta to your Smart Living system and boost your ventilation anytime, anywhere.

Helvar logo


OpenMotics provides a BacNet TCP connection with the Hevlar DALI routers.

Siemens logo


Integration with Siemens PLC for monitoring and managing industrial technical systems.

Elsner weatherstation

Elsner Weatherstation

Protect your screens against storm damage with this modbus RTU-based weather station.

Renson logo


Optimise your OpenMotics system on the basis of sensor values (temperature, humidity, CO2, light intensity, etc.).

Polysun logo


Connect your Polysun sun protection to your Smart Living system.

Google Calender integration

Meeting room booker

Heat/cool meeting rooms on the basis of booking times and presence.

OpenMotics Elvaco integratie


Elvaco CME gateway for reading MBus meters (water, electricity, heating, etc.).



Monitor the output of your solar panels and automate more efficient energy consumption on this basis.

Viessmann integratie OpenMotics


Integration with Viessman boiler for reading and setting temperature setpoints.

Cogengreen integratie OpenMotics


Reading and modulating CogenGreen combined heat and power.



Centralise measurement data from Metriot equipment with your other measurement or monitoring data.

Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi heat pumps

Reading parameters for monitoring error-free functioning and predictive maintenance.

Powerdale integratie OpenMotics

PowerDale Nexxtender

Adjust the energy used for charging your electric car to the rest of your building or the output of your photovoltaic panels.


Yuso battery

Store excess energy from your photovoltaic paneels for later by linking with the Yuso battery.

EMS systeem OpenMotics

Energy Management System

Customized integration to monitor, control and optimize transmission system performance.