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New integration: io-homecontrol® and RTS

We have not been idle in recent months. Today we are launching the first new product of the many that will follow. From now on you can control wireless screens, shutters, curtains… via your OpenMotics app thanks to our RTS and io-homecontrol® integration.

What is io-homecontrol®?

io-homecontrol® is a universal way of wireless technology used by manufacturers such as Renson, Somfy and Velux. This technology ensures that you can control various products (blinds, shutters, garage doors, …) via your smartphone.

io-homecontrol® has a bidirectional way of communicating. This means that you can see the current status of your techniques. In concrete terms, the transmitter (your Gateway) sends information to the receiver (your blinds or shutters). The receiver performs the requested action and sends the signal back to the transmitter so that it can display the status (up/down) of your technique on your smartphone.

What is RTS?

RTS or Radio Technology Somfy is a protocol for wireless communication from Somfy. This protocol also ensures that you can control your blinds, shutters, curtains… via your smartphone – and therefore wirelessly.

However, RTS only creates “one way communication”. This means that at RTS you can only see the requested and not the current status of your technology. This is certainly not a big problem, but can sometimes cause unexpected situations. Suppose you are at work and it is 26°C. You lower the blinds to ensure that your home stays cool. In the evening you come home and you notice that the screens are still open. Because RTS communication is a one-way street, the status of the RTS blinds is not shown in the OpenMotics app.

What is this new integration exactly?

Until now you could only add wired blinds, shutters, … to your system with OpenMotics. Thanks to our RTS and io-homecontrol® integration, you can now also control wireless techniques via your OpenMotics app.

“We have had an OpenMotics system and Velux windows with wireless sun protection for years. When we heard that this integration was going to be launched, we immediately applied! Finally, we can now also control our roller shutters and Velux from the OpenMotics app.” – Kevin B. (Antwerp)

Moreover, this integration was developed in such a way that we can link the existing wireless technologies in your home to your OpenMotics system without having to make major changes to your current installation. This way we give you the opportunity to expand your system in the future.

What does this OpenMotics integration cost?

It is our mission to make automation as relevant and self-evident as running water or electricity. This is only possible by offering a fair price.

To make the integration possible, we need to set up a software link and an io-Gateway must be provided in your home. Request your quote today via

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