Mission and vision

We are an affordable and user-friendly Hardware & Software platform for automating all technologies in a house, building or community, whereby we analyse and optimise all data to ensure that we can live more sustainably and more comfortably.


Our mission is to make ‘smart building technology’, in the broad sense of the word, as normal as running water or electricity. We also believe that automation is firstly about how we can support the needs of every resident, owner and advisor. OpenMotics has developed soft & hardware solutions to do exactly this.

We contribute to a house with the necessary comfort (Smart Living), a building that uses less energy (Smart Building) and a community where all the different technologies work together in harmony (Smart Community). What’s more, we contribute to creating a house, building and community that can be managed and monitored remotely (Smart Metering).

We are therefore committed to designing electronic comfort solutions to future-proof buildings. We give support to property developers and fitters so that they know our products back to front. Finally, we work with other parties precisely so that we can offer a total solution.


Our vision is to get OpenMotics Hardware & Software platform into all new-builds and complete renovations so that all the processes in the building can be automated. Together with the end-user, fitters and building consultants we want to continue evolving and developing so as to further simplify everyday life and make it more comfortable for every stakeholder but also to reduce their ecological footprint.