Need for comfort increases due to lockdown

In the past year we spent more time at home than ever before. This not only increased the general requirements for a home, but also the requirements in terms of comfort and sustainability.

Rising need for more comfort

According to a survey by iVOX, the need for comfort has increased sharply since 2020. 52% of the respondents indicate that they demand more comfort in their home due to the corona crisis.

Although one might think that the need for comfort is mainly present among young people, this turns out to be an issue that transcends ages. The research shows that 60% of 18 to 34 year olds want more comfort in their home. In addition, half of the people over 55 are also looking for ways to enable a more comfortable lifestyle.

More attention to consumption

Besides the fact that Belgians need more comfort, they were confronted with higher energy bills in the past year. We spent all our time in the house, which means that we also had to heat our house during the day last winter. This results in an increase in consumption and therefore in costs.

53% of Belgians have therefore become more interested in cost savings in their home since the pandemic. In addition, the survey shows that 48% of the participants have also paid more attention to the energy consumption of their home since March 2020.

Rising interest in Smart Living

The research shows that the interest in Smart Living as part of comfort and cost savings has increased enormously.

The market for smart products has grown by 24% in 2020 (Source: research by Gfk)

If we dig deeper into which elements of Smart Living residents find most interesting, this is a smart heating product (preferred by 37% of participants). In addition to smart heating, 27% of the respondents prefer smart lighting. Finally, more than 35% of Belgians expect to be able to make improvements in sustainability by using smart home products.

What is the relationship between the increasing need for comfort and interest in Smart Living?

iVOX not only researched the changing wishes of residents, they also listened to the experiences of those who already own smart home products. In this way it was investigated whether the addition of home automation in a home offers a solution for the increasing need for comfort.

“Now, 3 out of 5 Belgians (62%) already own one or more smart home products.” (Source: EVOKE)

The main reason why owners of smart home products choose smart products is comfort (67%). Moreover, 35% of the participants also indicated that they have installed home automation because it allows them to live more sustainably.

“It is important as a developer to quickly respond to the needs of buyers. The lockdown only increased the need for comfort and smart control.” Pieter De Clerck, CEO.

It can thus be concluded that the need for comfort and sustainability can be met very easily by adding smart control to your next project. More information? Contact us at for more information.

Source: bouw&, iVOX