OpenMotics is a software & hardware platform that automates a house, building or neighbourhood. Via our platform we offer the possibility to link up ALL the various technologies for automation and optimisation. We create one central platform for monitoring, consultation and management of all technologies.

Via our open platform we want to offer an affordable total solution for every resident, owner and home. We do this by combining affordable Open Source hardware with modern software solutions.

Affordable Modules (Hardware)
Moderne Software
OpenMotics Cloud

Freemium Cloud:
We offer a free cloud service to make your house a smart home.

OpenMotics interface

Local interface:
Thanks to the local interface, the OpenMotics system remains active even if the internet connection in your home is interrupted. You can in fact manage your home from the inside without any external connectivity.

OpenMotics app

Mobile App:
OpenMotics offers a user-friendly mobile app for easy management and control of your home automation. You can even customise the application according to your needs and wishes.

OpenMotics store

OpenMotics Store:
Just as you personalise your smartphone by adding apps, so you can personalise your OpenMotics home automation with extensions and integrations such as Google Assistant, Philips Hue … Extra integrations and extensions are added regularly, which is further proof of the flexible nature of OpenMotics.


Not in the list?

If your device can communicate and the third party is open to communication,
it can be integrated with OpenMotics. Contact us for more information on our integrations.