Discover all our references, projects, testimonials where we automate techniques to increase comfort and reduce energy consumption.

Cube by MIST

Cube by Mist

Mechelen - Smart Living

An energy-neutral and smart tiny house

Pillows Hotel

Pillows Hotel

Brussels - Smart Hotel

The ideal hotel atmosphere at the touch of a button

WATT Factory

WATT Factory

Ghent - Smart Office

A coworking office where everyone is in control

Hoffmann Hengelo

Hoffmann Hengelo

Borne - Smart Office

Amazing thermal comfort for a smart office with slats

De Faar

De Faar by Beel

Ghent - Smart Building

The first phase towards a Smart Community

Komet Mechelen


Mechelen - Smart Living & Metering

The most sustainable community of Mechelen

Fosbury Alfons

Fosbury & Sons - Alfons

Brussels - Smart Office

Easy management of all techniques in a coworking



Schaarbeek - Smart Building

Saving 30% on energy bills becomes easy for all residents

Delta Sky Club

Delta Sky Club JFK

Atlanta - Smart Building

Stylish patio cover that you can control from a distance

Blanc de Blancs

Blanc de Blancs

Waregem - Smart Living

Unique comfort for every resident



Waregem - Smart Living & Building

Comfortable living in two sustainable buildings

Bubblevision x OpenMotics


Aalst - Smart Metering

The laundromat of the future has arrived

Upgrade Academy

Upgrade Academy

Ghent - Smart Building

A step forward towards the future



Leuven - Smart Living & Building

An ambitious energy neutral project

Trust+ kantoor

Trust+ kantoor

Wevelgem - Smart Office

A smart office for a smart insurance broker

Arc Val Benoit

Val Benoit - Arc

Luik - Smart Living

Unique, sustainable and comfortable co-living concept

Fosbury Boitsfort

Fosbury & Sons - Boitsfort

Brussels - Smart Office

A beautiful and smart coworking office

Bro Upkot

Bro Upkot

Ghent - Smart Student Home

18 floors full of sustainability for students

Oscar Lokeren


Lokeren - Smart Living

Comfortable living in a beautiful green part of the city center

Brewery Upliving

The Brewery

Brussels - Smart Building

A building with sustainable alternative energy sources


Jan Hammeneckerstraat

Puurs - Smart Building

Energy measuring in a passive and energetic home 

Ekla Revive


Brussels - Smart Living & Building

An ESCO where Smart Living is also central

Prince Antwerpen


Antwerp - Smart Building

Students also opt for extra comfort and sustainability

Hof ter Elst

Hof ter Elst

Edegem - Smart Living

Living without worries in all comfort



Lochristi - Smart Office

A central platform for all techniques

Ganda Upkot

Ganda Upkot

Ghent - Smart Student Home

As a student, choose sustainability

London Tower

London Tower

Antwerp - Smart Building

A supporting platform for the ESCO Noven

Galerij Suikerpark

Galerij - Suikerpark

Veurne - Smart Living

Unique homes with affordable comfort



Leuven - Smart Metering

Carefree living in a sustainable community


Pierre & Julie

Mont-de-lenclus - Smart Living

Nineteen green and sustainable apartments

Luc & Louis KUB

Luc & Louis

Oudenaarde - Smart Living

A connected thermostat as a basis for every resident



Beveren-Waas - Smart Living

Sustainable living between Melsele and Beveren



Tervuren - Smart Living & Building

Enjoy the comfort of this historic site

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Property developer

Looking for a total solution to automate all the technologies within your project? 

At OpenMotics we can link up the various different technologies that are available in your project to offer automation and optimisation. We do so by creating one central platform for the monitoring and management of all technologies within your project. Furthermore, because of the open and flexible nature of OpenMotics, you can also add and integrate new and/or other technologies at a later moment in the construction phase. On a private and collective level.

Looking for ways to make your project more appealing?

On the private level we can provide the necessary management per residential unit (home automation – Smart Living). This offers your residents a comfortable and energy-efficient life. Thanks to the modular nature of OpenMotics you can also give residents the option to extend their home automation according to their needs and wishes. This obviously increases the value and appeal of your project.

On the collective level we can ensure the necessary comfort and sustainability depending on the project. We will support you where necessary, and use our expertise and our platform to help you find the most efficient solution for your project.

Need a sustainable but affordable solution for your project?

We want to keep things affordable for everyone and for every project. Home automation is no longer a luxury item. OpenMotics’ mission is to make smart technology in buildings affordable for everyone, including you and your buyers. We make this possible by offering affordable hardware, low installation costs and flawless delivery.