Smart Building

OpenMotics contributes in various ways to the creation of Smart Buildings such as Smart Schools, Smart Hotels, Smart Offices, Smart Student Homes and so on. First, we enable authorised persons within such buildings to control the technical systems which are present – such as lighting, heating and ventilation –via a single platform. Second, we give the building owner an insight into the consumption of the various assets (charging stations, utilities, solar panels etc.), both collectively and individually. The data can also be used by a third party such as an ESCO for accurate billing or optimised energy management – saving you energy and costs.

Smart Office

Smart Office

Offer your employees more than just a workplace where they spend eight hours a day. Bring comfort and energy efficiency together.

Smart Hotel

Smart Hotel

Treat your guests to a comfortable stay and also make sure that creating the ideal atmosphere doesn't take up your employees’ time.

Smart Student Home

Smart Student Home

Give students full control over the devices and systems in their own room and the landlord the opportunity to save energy and costs.

Smart School

Smart School

Improve the performance and health of students and teachers. Create the ideal learning and working environment.

The possibilities of a Smart Building


Within a Smart Building, OpenMotics creates the possibility of giving different users access to specific rooms. 

In a co-working office, a company can be given individual control of the technical systems (ventilation, lighting, heating, etc.) in its own office space. 

In a Smart Student Home, each student gains control over his or her own room in the same way. And general control of the building as a whole remains in the hands of the building manager. It’s a convenient and above all safe approach to building management.

Smart Metering: a collective and individual total solution.

Smart Metering is an ideal total solution for any building. We collect all data from the utilities, the collective boiler room and other assets (such as charging stations, solar panels, battery, …) and make them available to you. Via our user-friendly dashboard you can consult the data and consumption anywhere, anytime. In this way, the building supervisor can find out the exact consumption per unit, to make invoicing easy.

In addition, we inform the building manager and / or residents via the OpenMotics platform when a defective meter, water leak or misuse is detected. This way you can intervene in time to save energy and money. If desired, it is even possible as a resident to compare your consumption anonymously with other residents in the building.

Smart Management: analysing data and optimising systems.

By processing all the data and keeping historical records, we enable the building owner and/or ESCO to analyse the chosen technical systems. 

This has two benefits. First, it makes it possible to optimise the current systems. Second, it provides insight into the life phase of the technical equipment, indicating when it needs to be replaced or when it needs maintenance.

Smart shared functionalities

  • Automate access to the communal areas.
  • Opt for the convenience of an automated door lock.
  • Control your technical systems via the indoor unit of your videophone.
  • Receive a notification when a parcel is delivered.

A real Smart Building connects the various individual units with each other. This is made possible by the integration of shared functionalities. For example, residents can open the garage or door via the OpenMotics app. The integration of a badge system is another possibility that we offer. We are happy to discuss the options for your project.

Create a unique Smart Meeting Room

OpenMotics offers a unique solution for a Smart Office. When a meeting room is booked via an integrable platform, the temperature will be brought to a defined level such as 21°C at the start of the meeting, and our system will then stop heating or cooling at the end of your meeting. If no movement is detected within a predetermined period, the meeting room will be released in the booking system and the thermostat will switch to a lower setting to save energy and costs.