Smart living

OpenMotics offers a free user-friendly mobile app for easy management and control of your home automation. Did you know you can even customise the application according to your needs and wishes?

The possibilities of Smart Living

Set the ideal comfort temperature.

With OpenMotics, every room can be individually heated or cooled if desired. In addition, each connected thermostat can be controlled separately and remotely from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. The easy-to-program schedules allow you to set different temperatures for the bathroom and the living room, for example.

Control your lighting anywhere, anytime.

It’s late, you get into bed, and then you realise that you’ve forgotten to switch off the lights downstairs. With OpenMotics, you no longer have to get out of bed to switch off the lights one by one. Using the all-off button on your smartphone or the push button next to your bed, you can switch off all the lights in your home at the touch of a single button. 

Feel safe in your own home at all times.

You hear suspicious noises while lying in bed, but are you afraid to go downstairs. What do you do? Use the panic function. In an instant your lighting switches on and your shutters open. Ideal for scaring off intruders! 

Measurement gives you the knowledge you need to save energy.

Want to know how much your boiler, decoder, refrigerator or TV is consuming? Consult the detailed and clear summary of your consumption (water, electricity, gas, etc.) in the OpenMotics App and Cloud. You can also keep historical records of your data and compare it with previous periods, so as to optimise your consumption and save energy.

Create the perfect atmosphere for every moment.

You can create the perfect atmosphere using a scene. This is an action in which a single command (pressing a push button, button in the application, etc.) activates different lights, the thermostat, screens and other devices simultaneously. One popular scene is the movie scene: the mood lighting in the living room is switched on, the screens go down and the perfect temperature is set to create a cosy movie setting.

Choose smart sockets.

Smart or switched sockets make it possible to switch the energy supply to the socket on or off. That way, for example, you can use your night lamp as an alarm clock or completely switch off the digibox on your TV at night to save energy.

Opt for automated screens and/or shutters.

Integrating automatically controlled sun blinds with OpenMotics gives you an energy-efficient solution to keep the house naturally cool in the summer and warm in the winter. In addition, the screens/shutters can automatically react to weather conditions, ensuring unparalleled living comfort and a long lifespan for your sun protection.

Ventilate smarter.

Research shows that CO2 levels are often far too high indoors. Smart ventilation automatically reacts to odours, moisture or CO2 to create optimal air quality. With OpenMotics, you can boost the ventilation not just manually, but using your smartphone or tablet too.

Forgotten your keys? No problem!

We’ve all been there! That moment when you arrive home after a long day at work only to realise that you’ve left your keys at the office… It’s such a waste of time, and let’s be honest: hiding a key under your doormat is not the solution! Thanks to OpenMotics you can lock and unlock the front door with your smartphone anywhere, anytime. Very handy!

Hands full? Use your voice.

Looking for even more convenience in your home? Don’t always have your smartphone to hand to change the temperature or switch lights on or off? The Google Assistant integration makes it easy for you to voice-control your thermostat and lighting.

Smoke alarm triggered? Be the first to know.

Would you like to be informed immediately if there’s smoke or fire in your home? Do you want to receive a push notification via your smartphone so that you are alerted directly? We can link your Smart Living system with your smoke/fire detector, so that you feel safe wherever you are.

Make efficient use of your solar panels.

To get the best possible return from your solar panels, it’s important for the energy you generate to be used in your home as much as possible, especially if the energy price is higher. By linking your solar panels to your Smart Living system, OpenMotics ensures that the green energy that is generated doesn’t always have to be sent to the grid, but can be optimally used in your own home.

Choose a home that adapts to your lifestyle.

You can always expand your OpenMotics Smart Living system later on. We make this possible by offering various extensions and integrations. In this way we create a genuine total solution in which you can control all devices and systems from one and the same platform.