Smart Office

The benefits of working in a Smart Office

An office as we know it is outdated. Companies today are looking for more than just a workplace. People spend about 8 hours a day in their office. Therefore, it must be a place where comfort and efficiency meet. From this perspective, Smart Buildings are the answer.

Save energy and costs in your Smart Office

The biggest advantage of a Smart Office is that it helps you to save energy and money. A building management system makes it easy to monitor all the different technologies, such as heating, lighting, screens and ventilation. By bringing all the data from these technologies together in a well-organized platform, it is possible to optimize the performance of the building.

Improve employee productivity, engagement and wellbeing

A Smart Office does more than just reduce your energy bill. Working in a smart office has an impact on the productivity, engagement and well-being of everyone in the building. Research shows, for example, that the CO² content in indoor spaces is often too high. These high CO² concentrations are the reason for a lack of concentration and responsiveness. The installation of automatically controlled ventilation reduces the CO² concentration by up to 43% and improves employee productivity, engagement and well-being.

Add value to your Smart Office

Office residents want more than just good air quality. By giving them the ability to adjust the temperature, air conditioning and lighting in each room according to their own needs, you can create a comfortable working environment while adding value to your office building.

Moreover, with the changing legislation on company cars on the horizon, investing in a Smart Office is inevitable. From 2026, every company car will be electric. The provision of charging stations is thus becoming a requirement. Automation is needed to optimize the energy consumption of the building and the charging stations.

Accessible anywhere and anytime according to your competence

Smart technologies should be within reach everywhere and at all times. In your office building, however, not everyone has the same rights. Smart control makes it possible, for example, to deny your employees access to the thermostats of the shared rooms and only allow them to control the thermostat in their own office space.

With this in mind, a platform to monitor and control the technologies should be smart, but not complex. This is possible through a user-friendly mobile app that makes the management and control of your building easy for every employee.

Create a unique Smart Meeting Room

What makes OpenMotics such a good fit for your project? We offer a unique solution for office buildings. We ensure that you can save energy and while maintaining high comfort standards in your office by adjusting the thermostat in meeting rooms to the presence of people.

When a meeting room is booked via an integrable platform, the temperature will be brought to eg 21°C at the start of the meeting. Our system will stop heating or cooling at the end of the meeting. In addition, we ensure that if no movement is detected within a predetermined time frame, the meeting room is released again in the booking system and the thermostat switches to a lower setting to save energy and costs. Handy, right?

Reference projects

Fosbury & Sons

Fosbury & Sons is an example of a Smart Office powered by OpenMotics. “We chose OpenMotics because this open, flexible and vendor-neutral platform could integrate our existing installations. Thanks to OpenMotics, we measure and optimize the energy consumption of our office building, among other things.” (Alice V.)

WATT Factory

WATT Factory is another great example of a Smart Office powered by OpenMotics: “Watt Factory in Ghent provides co-working spaces, event spaces and private offices to Smart City Hubs. Thanks to OpenMotics, the various people who rent our spaces have control over the lighting and heating of their own space.” (Christine H.)

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