Electricity works De Gersem Mathieu

Testimonial: why every installer should work with OpenMotics?

Mathieu is an installer active in and around Aalter – Belgium. He has years of experience in the sector and specializes in the installation of home automation and automation in general.

The demand for Smart Homes increases

On an everyday basis, Mathieu sees the demand for Smart Living increasing. People are looking for the ultimate comfort in their new home. However, they have preconceptions and think of home automation as a real expensive thing. This is a wrong image according to Mathieu; times have changed:  “Today there are affordable alternatives such as OpenMotics on the market.”

An installer interview

We asked Mathieu why he likes working with OpenMotics so much and what the added value of OpenMotics really is.

“I like OpenMotics because of their fast service, easy installation, configuration and good communication.”

OpenMotics offers benefits for both the customer and the installer. For the customer they are an affordable platform that is also easy to use. It is a system that is constantly on the move and innovates to meet the specific wishes of the customer even more.

“For me as an installer, the greatest added value is their fast service and easy installation and configuration. If the great amount of available information to make the installation run smoothly isn’t enough, help is just one call away! A quick phone call and you always have someone on the line who can help you immediately. Although the OpenMotics platform is easy to configure, you can also count on someone within OpenMotics to do the configuration for you. Last but not least, there is the amazing OpenMotics app. It makes the system very clear and user-friendly.”

Just like Mathieu interested in becoming an OpenMotics installer? Want to know more about the easy installation and configuration? Discover all this and more in one of our monthly trainings.