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Everything you need to know about toggled outlets

What is a toggled outlet?

A toggled or smart outlet is a socket that you can operate via, for example, a switch, push button or your home automation system. When you opt for toggled outlets, it even becomes possible to switch that socket remotely via your smartphone. But what are the benefits of this?

What are the benefits of toggled outlets?

More atmosphere

The presence of toggled outlets in your home makes it easy to create atmosphere. For example, you can switch the mood lighting from your lazy chair via your smartphone when the evening falls.

More safety

Safety is another important reason why toggled outlets are so popular. Thanks to such a socket, you can simulate presence in your home, even when you are not at home. That’s true “Smart Living”!

Moreover, by integrating toggled outlets in your home automation system, you get control of your techniques anywhere and at any time. For example, are you not sure if you have turned off your straightener, but are you already on your way to work? Switch off the power supply to the socket via your smartphone and your home is safe.

Save energy

In addition to more atmosphere and safety, it is possible to save energy thanks to a toggled outlet. Think, for example, of all devices that continue to consume energy even in sleep mode. The decoder of your TV is a good example of this. By plugging the decoder into a toggled outlet, you can switch off the power supply completely at night. This stops standby consumption, so you can save an average of € 100 on your annual energy bill.

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Reference project Bubblevision

Sammy & Matthias – trotse eigenaars van Bubblevision

Toggled outlets are also popular in a B2B context. Bubblevision also opted for the OpenMotics solution. This electronic laundromat management system uses these sockets to allow the owner of the laundromat to switch off the machines remotely if a defect is detected.

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