Romantic dinner

Transform your home into the most romantic place

Are you planning a romantic evening at home, but you don’t have hours to transform your home into the perfect romantic spot on the day itself? Thanks to these tips, you can quickly transform your smart home into the most romantic setting for you and your partner.

1. Create a romantic setting

1.1. Dim the lights

Creating a romantic atmosphere is very easy by dimming your lighting. We recommend that you dim your lighting during this dark day. This creates an incredibly cozy setting without it getting too dark in the house.

1.2. The right mood

In addition to dimming your lighting during this romantic evening, we recommend that you to not turn on all the lights. Make a balanced choice and opt for mood lighting.

Did you know that thanks to Smart Living you are able to switch your mood lighting on and off anytime and anywhere via your smartphone, tablet or laptop? This is made possible thanks to toggled outlets. The power supply to this outlet can be switched on and off. This way you really have control during your romantic dinner.

1.3. More privacy thanks to blinds

Whether you’re spending this evening with your partner, family, friends or your beloved pet, a little extra privacy is never too much to ask. Therefore, keep out all curious viewers by lowering your blinds or shutters as soon as the sun sets. By linking these techniques via OpenMotics to an Astro plugin or a weather station, this is fully automatic. More information? Contact us.

2. Little time? Create a romantic “scene”

Nice tips, but time consuming? Not at all! Create a scene via the OpenMotics Cloud and with one click of a button you create a perfect romantic setting where your lights dim, the mood lighting switches on and your shutters lower. Handy, right?

Be sure to watch our instructie videos  learn how to create a scene in less than 2 minutes.

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