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This Niko Universal Dimmer is fully compatible with the OpenMotics Dim Control module

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This dimmer is fully compatible with the OpenMotics Dim Control module

The universal modular dimmer plus, 5-350 W, is intended for DIN-rail mounting, is 1 TE wide and is operated using an analogue control. The device is suitable for dimming all dimmable lamps (in other words, resistive, inductive and capacitive loads, dimmable LEDs and economy lamps (CFLi)). It cannot be used for the control of motors. The minimum load is 5 W and the module can manage a load of up to 350 W. For LED and economy lamps the maximum load is 200 W.

The dimmer functions as both a phase control dimmer and as a reverse phase control dimmer.

Features & specifications:

  • Input voltage: 230 V DC ± 10 %, 50 – 60 Hz
  • Minimum capacity: 5 W/20 VA
  • Maximum load 230V-halogen lamps: 350 W
  • Maximum load electronic transformer: 350 VA
  • Maximum load ferromagnetic transformer: 350 VA
  • Maximum load bulb: 350 W
  • Maximum load LED lamps: 200 W (max. 10)
  • Maximum load toroidal core transformer: 350 VA
  • Maximum load economy lamps (CFLi): 200 W (max. 10)
  • Protection from overload: thermal overload protection with automatic reset function
  • Short circuit proof: electronic short-circuit protection
  • Capacity reduction: at an ambient temperature above 35°C the maximum load will decrease by 5 % per 5 °C
  • Connection terminals: 3 connection terminals on top and 3 connection terminals underneath
  • DIN dimensions: DIN 5.5 TE
  • 2 x 1.5 mm² or 1 x 2.5 mm² per connection terminal
  • Marking: CE


Note: This product features a 2 week lead time minimum

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