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Energy Module

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Our Energy Module connects to the high resolution current sensors to allow detailed metrics for up to 12 electrical circuits using 1 or 3 phase power. All metrics are available in real-time and historically through our Cloud platform.

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The OpenMotics Energy module gives you access to highly detailed and granular real-time and historical power metrics for up to 12 electrical circuits using our split core current sensors that don’t require disconnecting cables for installation. Easily detect standby power consumers, power hungry appliances and get a detailed cost breakdown through our Cloud platform.

Features & specifications:

  • Connect up to 12 split core current sensors without the need to disconnect existing cables
  • Compatible with both 1 phase and 3 phase circuits
  • Real-time metrics:
    • Amps (A)
    • Watts (W)
    • Apparent power (VA)
    • Power factor (%)
    • Price/month
  • Historical data:
    • Watt hours (Wh)
    • Cost per consumer/tag
  • Tag & group consumers for customized metrics
  • Open source design: both hardware and firmware are fully open source and available
  • DIN Rail mountable (6T wide)


This product includes:


More detailed technical information on this module or the open source platform that is OpenMotics can be found on our extensive documentation wiki:


Note: This module is part of the Power Measurement platform by OpenMotics and requires a Gateway Module to operate.

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