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Everything you want to know about a Nearly Zero-Energy home

Recently our system was installed in a Nearly Zero-Energy home. We are big fans of the concept! Even though it’s only mandatory from 2021 for every new-build home in Europe, we don’t think you should wait until next year. 

What is a Nearly Zero-Energy home?

A Nearly Zero-Energy home optimizes the energy use in such a way that it only uses as much energy as it produces. In the best case scenario, it even produces more than it needs. This makes it possible to save a lot of money on energy bills and create a sustainable and environmentally friendly home. 

But how does OpenMotics or home automation in general fit the picture?

The most critical aspect: heating and cooling

Heating and cooling consumes 50% of the average energy in a normal home. This makes it the most critical aspect of a Nearly Zero-Energy home. To save energy, doubling down on insulation is a must-do. A well-insulated house keeps the heat outside in summer and inside in winter, reducing the need for heating or cooling.

Smart home technology makes it possible to keep optimizing your heating and cooling. By installing multi zone heating where every single room is controlled individually, home automation allows you to create the perfect temperature in each room without using too much energy. This makes it possible to only heat your bathroom in the morning, while keeping a nice temperature all day in your living room.

At OpenMotics, we take heating and cooling to the next level by linking your heating and/or cooling system to a window contact. This ensures you that the thermostat will immediately switch off when a window is opened so no energy is lost. 

Another great option that benefits your Nearly Zero-Energy home are automated screens and/or shutters. Screens and shutters are the ideal way to make sure it stays nice and cool in summer and warm in winter inside your home. By automating the screens, based on the weather conditions, we can ensure that they automatically lower when the temperature rises in the summer for example. Perfect to prevent overheating. On sunny winter days, home automation makes sure your screens are open to naturally heat your home. Depending on your home this can add up another 30% in energy savings for heating & cooling.

So sit back and relax. Let your smart home do the work!

How to make sure your home uses nearly zero energy?

By giving insight into your consumption, we give you a real time view on your energy use. By giving insights into the yield from your solar panels for example, we can optimize your energy flow and adapt it to the cost of energy. That way you can, for example, use the energy of your solar panels to charge your electric car when the cost of energy is highest. Moreover, we can also indicate when the solar panels are dirty. This way you are always sure of an optimal yield, which is necessary in a Nearly Zero-Energy home. 

Nearly Zero-Energy homes and smart home automation clearly go hand in hand. Sustainable construction is not a thing of the future, it is the present. Why lag behind? Contact us, and we’ll discuss the possibilities for your project together.