Save energie with home automation

How can I save energy and money?

If we take a look at the evolution of the annual electricity bill of a Belgian family, we can see that we didn’t do significantly better in 2019 than the year before. By choosing for home automation we can do it significantly better! We can save up to 1070 euros a year thanks to these tips and tricks.

Energy saving LED-lights

Lighting represents a big amount of the energy consumption of an average home. The first easy way to save is to adjust your lighting. Did you know that choosing LED lighting makes it possible to save up to 150 euros per year?

Turn off all lights

The next step in saving energy and costs is, not to unnecessarily leave lights on. OpenMotics offers the possibility to switch off all lighting via a push button in your home or via your smartphone. Another option is to choose motion sensors.That way the lights would not continue to be turned on in rooms where no one is present. This saves up to 50 euros per year.

Run off standby devices completely (at night)

Standby devices consume unnecessarily energy, especially at night. Plug your standby devices into a toggled outlet, so that you can switch off the power supply to this device at night, in order to save energy and costs. Completely disconnecting standby devices can save up to 100 euros per year.

Save more with a smart thermostat

The installation of a smart thermostat can save up to 12% on your energy bill. A well-set thermostat that only heats the rooms when someone is present can save up to 85 euros per year. In addition, you can save another 50 to 100 euros per year by turning down the thermostat 1 to 2 degrees Celsius.

Choose automatically controlled screens

By properly using your screens, you can save 3 to 12% energy in your home. OpenMotics can link the screens to a weather station, so that the screens automatically go up and down, when necessary, even when no one is at home. This can save up to 120 euros per year on heating costs.

Use your solar panel efficiently

By connecting the inverter of the solar panels to your home automation system, you get detailed insights of the yields of the solar panels. In addition, OpenMotics makes it possible to switch on consumers when the solar panels generate a lot of energy. This saves up to 500 euros after the first year.

Ventilate smarter

Heating humid air takes more energy than heating dry air. By ventilating you keep the air dryer. In addition, smart ventilation automatically responds to odor, moisture or CO2 in order to create the ideal air quality for your home. Ventilation is therefore not only good for your health, but can reduce the energy bill with 50 euros per year.

Be aware of your consumption

By giving insight into your consumption, we create awareness, which causes the necessary behavioral change. Automation makes it possible to sustain and even improve this behavioral change so that you can save energy and money in the long term.

Adding an OpenMotics installation to your home is an easy way to save energy and up to 1070 euros a year. This way you will have easily and quickly a return of investment. Why still doubt?