OpenMotics Christmas

How home automation helps create the perfect Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner so it’s the perfect time to start planning your Christmas party. But how can you create the perfect atmosphere and impress your bubble? You can always go for the ‘voice control move’ where you say “Hey Google, turn off the lights” when your guests least expect it. But, we have some better ideas on what home automation can offer you during this holiday season, aside from impressing your bubble!

Create the perfect temperature with a smart thermostat

With a smart thermostat in place, the temperature is always on point. You no longer need to constantly fiddle with a manual alternative. All that remains is to crack open the champagne and enjoy with your nearest and dearest. 

Opt for sensors in your guest bathroom

The installation of light sensors in your hallway and guest bathroom takes away the “Which push button is it?” troubles for your guests. They can quickly go in and out the bathroom without first creating some sort of light party in your hallway. 

Also odor detector can come in handy when you’re throwing a Christmas party. The moment that the sensor notices an odor, the ventilation gets a boost. This makes going to the toilet pleasant for everyone!

Let’s set the scene by a push on the button

Running late with your dinner preparations? The doorbell rings and you haven’t had the time to put on the christmas lights to create the perfect atmosphere? Well, with home automation, you can set the scene with just one push of a button. Just activate the Christmas automation you can create in advance. 

Is it your Christmas wish to live in an automated home? Who knows, maybe it’s already under your Christmas tree … if not contact us for more information and let’s make your wish come true!