Sustainable living in the Nieuwe Dokken thanks to OpenMotics

Dokken all

The Nieuwe Dokken is an ambitious and innovative building project on Schipperskaai in Ghent, where sustainable and comfortable living take centre stage. Thanks to OpenMotics automation, every residence in Nieuwe Dokken is connected to a heat distribution grid that is fed by residual heat from the neighbouring firm, Christeyns. The heat consumption of the company is therefore optimised for the benefit of the residents.

Water consumption is also optimised. Waste water from the toilets is collected and converted into heat and electricity. The OpenMotics intelligent software is also auto-adaptive so that total energy management in the neighbourhood is continuously optimised and greenhouse gas emissions are minimised.

The affordable, flexible and open system of OpenMotics therefore contributes to the creation of a Smart Community in many different ways, central to which are efficient energy management and the comfort of residents and the owner.