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Any relation is based on trust. Below is an overview of people that chose to put their trust in the OpenMotics platform and their thoughts.
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“After getting acquainted with basic home automation by using X10 based devices at our old house we felt it was time to do home automation the right way when we decided to build a house of our own. After months of research and receiving ridiculous quotes from the known vendors I stumbled upon OpenMotics. Our initial skepticism towards an unknown company (especially when seeing the difference in price) was completely removed after a conversation with the founder of the company.
Given my own technical background I quickly decided that the OpenMotics approach (no-nonsense hardware design resulting in a fast and stable platform not prone to errors) was the way to go. I was assured that the actual installation of the system would be a straightforward and easy process and that was no lie. As seen on the photo we have a decently sized house and yet the whole system was installed in a day (of course not including the wiring from and to switches and outlets). The DIN rail OpenMotics modules are designed to be as narrow as possible and only require a small amount of space in your fuse box eliminating expensive fuse box upgrades.
The system has been fully operational since then and manages my lighting, displays and access control to the house. What pleases me most is the ease with which i can change the function of any of my switches: be it simple on/off actions, long press dimmer actions or even user programmed macro’s!
After being in use for more than 3 years I can only recommend the convenience of the OpenMotics system so don’t hesitate and give them a call today.”

– Joost M. (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
“Having experienced the home automation system of a well known vendor first-hand (including its massive investment and error-prone operation) my husband and I were reluctant about investing in another system for our new house. When having heard about the possibilities OpenMotics had to offer, I was charmed by the possibilities and the price. After having learned that it was possible to combine lighting control and central heating in 1 integrated system AND having an online management portal I was intrigued to say the least.
The biggest challenge was managing 19 temperature controlled rooms with a combination of floor heating, traditional convection and multiple heating pumps. I was assured by our electrician that this could only be accomplished using a well-known high-end house management system (read: very expensive).
Despite our past experiences and having doubted for a long time we finally decided to install the entire OpenMotics system. What finally won us over were the price (at the end it was less expensive than a basic installation (without heating control, without control over the internet etc) from other vendors) and the DIY aspect (having control over, and being able to understand one of the most important system in one’s home is a great feeling).
The physical installation of the modules was a breeze, the software setup was done through the use of a wizard which got us up and running in no time. Once we started programming functions and actions we came to the conclusion that the possibilities really are endless.
Our OpenMotics platform has been running hiccup-free for over 3 years, what a difference from our previous system!”

– Sylvie V. (Ghent, Belgium)

“We installed the OpenMotics system in 2010 and it has been running smoothly thus far, thumbs up for the designers! My favorite features are definitely having an “all lights off” light switch (handy when leaving the house) and “downstairs lights off” switch (when going to bed). Although we meticulously planned the lighting controls before construction we realized afterwards that changing the role of some switches would make a lot of sense. We were delighted that this could be easily changed in the system, without having to rewire anything.
My son learned basic programming using the system’s optional CLI (the most useful features are easy to set up but he went all out experimenting with the coding and had no notable issues). Almost forgot mentioning ‘timed switching’: simply brilliant! Visitors often pressed the attic light switch by accident resulting in unnecessary power consumption for prolonged periods of time. Now we just set the switch to only turn on the light after being pressed for 3 seconds. Even our bathroom fan is now time controlled.
I’m definitely a fan wouldn’t go back to the limitations of other hard-wired systems.”

– Michel S. (Cork, Ireland)

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