Stef Wouters - Manager Cube by Mist
Our vision fits perfectly with the vision of OpenMotics. They offer comfort in an affordable way. The OpenMotics system manages the techniques in a flexible manner. It evolves with the home, is adaptable and expandable. The system meets the expectations of today's users.
Smart Living
Koen Scheire - Projectmanager Pillows Hotel
The big advantage of OpenMotics is that everyone can work with it. The platform is very userfriendly. By making a few pre-installs, everyone can use the system, without any technical background being required.
Smart Building
Lammp, Antwerp - Belgium
We chose OpenMotics because this open, flexible and vendor-neutral platform could integrate our existing installations. In addition, the data is safely stored, which is very important for us.
Smart Office
Revive - Ghent, Belgium
We chose OpenMotics because this platform increases the comfort in our homes in a very affordable way and contributes to our vision: carefree living.
Smart Building
Thanks to OpenMotics we have implemented an efficient solution for managing our office lighting and solar shading. The open character of OpenMotics meant that we could simply integrate this with our own portal.
Smart Office
SYLVIE V., Oostakker - Belgium
Despite our negative experiences with other systems, we finally decided to install the whole OpenMotics system. It was the price that finally convinced us. It is cheaper than the basic installation from other suppliers (without heating regulation, without internet control, etc.). It’s a great feeling to have control over the most important systems in our house.
Smart Living

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