Smart living

OpenMotics offers a free user-friendly mobile app for easy management and control of your home automation. Did you know you can even customise the application according to your needs and wishes?

Heating & cooling

Since Jana’s parents installed OpenMotics, it’s never too warm or too cold in the house. They chose to replace their room thermostat with a virtual thermostat to save money. By setting it to take into account school hours, the house is not heated unnecessarily. And Jana’s parents no longer need to worry about Jana re-setting the thermostat when they’re not looking.

Jana’s parents can also regulate the thermostat remotely. So last winter when they came back from their skiing holiday a day early, the house was pleasantly  warm.

With the ‘Heating & cooling’ package you have one (virtual) thermostat for your entire home that you can control via your tablet, smartphone or laptop.


Lisa has recently moved into a studio on her own. The OpenMotics installation makes her studio unique and something to be proud of. She uses a pre-arranged scene that dims all the lights in her studio with one click of a button when her friends come around every Friday for an evening together.

She uses the push button at the front door of her studio as an ‘All off’ function so that all the lighting is switched off with one action.

The OpenMotics system also makes her feel safe. She has installed the ‘panic button’ next to her bed. When she presses the push button her bedside lamp together with all the lights in her studio go on. A useful trick for scaring off potential burglars. 

With the ‘Lighting‘ package you have the option to control your lighting via your smartphone tablet and not just via the push buttons.


Lieve and Paul have lived in a loft by the sea since their retirement. Since the installation of the OpenMotics range, it is possible to control both their lighting and their heating in the living room remotely. This is ideal when they take a walk on a cold winter’s day and have a drink. Half an hour before they get home they switch on the heating via their smartphone so that they can warm up quickly after their winter walk.

They can also control the lighting remotely. When Paul remembers during their coffee break that Lieve has forgotten to switch off the light in the kitchen, this is done with one push in the app.

With the ‘Comfort‘ package you have one (virtual) thermostat for your entire home that you can control via your tablet, smartphone or laptop. In addition, also your lighting and not just via push buttons.