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Ready, set, quote!

Easily calculate the necessary equipment to turn your house into a smart home below. Fill out each section with the required amount and you’ll get an instant quote!

Each section covers a certain type of appliance, simply add the amount you’d need/want in your house and the total cost will be displayed at the bottom. Press the Add To Cart button to – well – add the items to your shopping cart.
Still not sure about something, feel free to contact us.


Inputs & Outputs

Enter the amount of switches you’d like to connect to the system.
Each physical switch counts as 1, so for a faceplate with 4 physical switches enter 4.
Lights & switched outlets
Enter the amount of electrical circuits you’d like to toggle (on/off):

  • Lights: a lighting circuit can consist of multiple lights. For example, a lighting circuit with 5 lights (all toggled simultaneously) counts as 1
  • Outlets: similarly, each circuit with 1 or more outlets can also be toggled and counts as 1. Useful for remote controlling mood lighting plugged into a wall socket (amongst others)

Note: Don’t enter light circuits that you’d like to dim here, these go into the dimmed lights section below

Dimmed lights
All dimmed lighting circuits can be entered here. Each lighting circuit can consist of multiple lights.
For example, a lighting circuit with 4 lights (all dimmed simultaneously) counts as 1.
Note: Don’t enter light circuits that you’d like to toggle (turn on/off) here, these go into the section above


Temperature sensors

Each heating zone in your home can be controlled by creating a thermostat for it and each of these thermostats requires a temperature sensor in that room/area.
Additionally, each temperature sensor can also be equipped with a humidity and/or light sensor to control other equipment (i.e. ventilation).
Other available sensors:

  • Temperature + humidity


  • Temperature + light


  • Temperature + humidity + light

Note: Don’t forget to add 1 sensor to measure the outdoors temperature

Valves control the flow of water to your heating elements (conventional, floor heating, etc.) and come in 2 different types: open/close or 0-10V:

  • Open/close: Standard open/close valve operation for maximum cost efficiency.
  • 0-10V: Allows detailed control of the connected valve at a higher part cost.
Pumps pump the water through your heating system. In a typical installation the furnace/boiler enables the pump but this task can also be performed by the OpenMotics platform.

Power Measurement

Enter the amount of electrical circuits (individual wires) in your fuse box you’d like to measure using 50A power clamps.
Note: There are also 25A power clamps available in the Shop

Component Quantity Unit price Total price
Starter Pack Discount
Discount when buying 1 Gateway Module, 3 Input Modules, 2 Output Modules and 1 Power Supply
0 -131 0
Gateway Module 1 295 295
Power Supply 12V 1 50 50
Input Module 0 95 0
Output Module 0 150 0
Dim Control Module 0 130 0
Temperature & Sensor Module 0 95 0
Temperature Sensor 0 11 0
Temperature + Light Sensor 0 16 0
Temperature + Humidity Sensor 0 29 0
Temperature + Humidity + Light Sensor 0 34 0
Power Module 0 324 0
Power Clamp 50A (2x) 0 12 0
(incl. 21% VAT)