The amazing features of the new OpenMotics Cloud

OpenMotics Cloud

Today, we launched the new version of our online platform: the OpenMotics Cloud. Not only the appearance, but also the functionalities, have undergone major changes. But why, you may ask? In this blogpost, we want to point out some of the amazing new features and reasons why we released a new version of the Cloud. […]

OpenMotics is now compatible with Google Assistant.

Google Home OpenMotics

The direct integration of OpenMotics with Google Assistant makes it possible to control all technologies linked to OpenMotics using voice commands. Just by saying ‘Hey Google’ and giving a command or asking a question, you can be assisted in almost everything. How to install the app? Open the Google Home app on your phone and […]

What type of LED-strips can be connected to OpenMotics?

LED OpenMotics

Today, you have so many versions of LED-strips that it becomes difficult to know which strips can be connected to OpenMotics and which strips can’t. This blog will help you to select the right strip for your application and make sure it can be connected to your OpenMotics gear. Two types of LED-strips To answer […]

What’s the price of a good home automation platform?

Pricing Home Automation

Some customers ask us why the OpenMotics price is so low compared to the traditional professional home automation vendors. Some don’t believe the same quality can be obtained when comparing to the traditional vendors just looking at the price. How does OpenMotics keeps the price so low? If we compare our way of working with […]