The benefits of working in a Smart Office

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An office as we know it, is outdated. Nowadays companies are looking for more than just a place to work. People spend at least 8 hours a day in their office, so it should be a place where comfort and efficiency meet. From this perspective, smart buildings are the answer.


The biggest advantage of a smart office is the fact that it helps you save energy and money. A smart building management system makes it easy to monitor all different technologies, such as heating, lighting, screens and ventilation. By bringing all the data from these technologies together, it’s possible to optimise the building’s performance. 


Smart offices do more than just cut your energy bills. Working in a smart office has an impact on productivity, engagement and wellbeing of employees. For example, research shows that the CO² level in indoor spaces is too high. These high CO² concentrations are the reason for lack of concentration and responsiveness. Thanks to the installation of automatically controlled ventilation, CO² concentrations fall to 43% and productivity, engagement and wellbeing of employees improves. 


But occupants of the office want more than just good air quality. By giving them the opportunity to change the temperature, air conditioning and the lighting within every space to suit their own needs, you can create a comfortable working environment while adding value to your office building. This is where OpenMotics makes the difference!

The philosophy of OpenMotics is simple: smart technology enhances the users’ experience. We ensure you that you will earn the investment back in no time, because smart technologies help you save costs. 

Smart technologies should be reachable at any place and any time, yet not by anyone. For example, you can only decline your employees access to the thermostats of the shared spaces and only allow them to control the thermostat in their own office space.

A platform to monitor and control the technologies should be smart, yet not complex. This can be achieved by a user-friendly mobile app to make management and control of your building easy for every employee.

OpenMotics is the answer! This software and hardware platform is not only affordable, it is easy to use and accessible at any place and any time. Together we make building automation RELEVANT.

Fosbury & Sons is an example of a smart office powered by OpenMotics: “We chose OpenMotics because this open, flexible and vendor-neutral platform could integrate our existing installations. In addition, the data is safely stored, which is very important for us.”

WATT Factory is an example of a smart office powered by OpenMotics: “Watt Factory in Ghent, Belgium offers co-working spaces, events spaces and offices. By installing the OpenMotics system the various people renting our spaces have access to the lighting and heating of their own space.”

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