Smart Living

Ultimate comfort and safety in your second home

This year, holidays in our own country are more popular than ever. Also the sale of holiday homes has increased. Within these homes, people are looking for comfort and relaxation in a safe environment. This is possible by installing Smart Living in your home away from home. 

A real relaxing get-away

Second homeowners are looking for real comfort. A second home should ensure getting away from the hectic everyday-life. The moment you arrive, you don’t want to be occupied with making the house warm, cosy and relaxing. You want to arrive in the perfect holiday environment. 

In a Smart Living environment, this can all be done remotely. While you’re on the road heading to your second home, you can activate your heating, make sure the screens are open and the house is ready to welcome you and your family. 

Always keep an eye on your second home

Since your accommodation is not permanently inhabited, keeping an eye on your smart technologies (heating, ventilation, safety, energy reduction) and providing access locally and remotely is an absolute must. Thanks to the OpenMotics application, you can take control of your home anywhere at any time. 

Nobody home? Stop your energy consumption!

Smart home technology gives owners the option to stop their slumber consumption thanks to toggled outlets. The power supply to, for example, the TV or digibox can be stopped remotely. This is not only good for the environment, but also for your wallet (Read more about saving energy and money).

Smart Security

Safety is crucial in a second home. You’re not always around to make sure your house is safe. But thanks to home automation, you can give your surroundings the idea the house is occupied. By creating a scene that mimics your presence, you’re able to fake your presence from anywhere at any time. At OpenMotics we even give you the possibility to schedule your scenes in a calendar so you no longer have to worry. 

Moreover, you can control the access to the house from your smartphone. Thanks to an innovative integrated access control system, you’re able to only let necessary people (residents, tenants and cleaning services) in. 

Finally, you can add safety thanks to a combination of window contacts, presence detectors and intelligent smoke detectors. You’ll be first to know when the smoke alarm is activated or an intruder is detected. 

With OpenMotics you’ll never need to worry again. You can carry your second home in your back pocket. Interested in realizing a smart second home yourself? We are happy to discuss the possibilities of your project!