Using the OpenMotics micro CAN modules efficiently

Micro can module
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The micro CAN module is OpenMotics’ latest powerhouse offering multiple features in a small package.

As with most multifunctional devices some steps can be taken to ensure the most efficient use.

First, let’s take a look at the specs of the micro CAN module:

  • 6 Inputs
    • Connect up to 6 inputs. An input can be a simple switch, motion detector, any potential free contact, and many more
  • 6 LEDs
    • Many switches have a built-in feedback LED to show the user whether or not the circuit is on or off
  • 2 Sensor connections
    • Either 2 temperature sensors or 1 temperature + humidity sensor.

So for a typical use case (e.g. a set of switches on the wall) 1 micro CAN module must be present; even when only 1 of the available inputs is used.

The above would not take full advantage of the capabilities of each device and can be greatly improved by smart placement of the modules.

During the planning phase of the project placement should be chosen so 1 micro CAN can service multiple rooms or locations. Typically, 2 adjacent rooms can use a single micro CAN to fully use its 6 inputs and 2 temperature sensors.

In terms of cable length between the micro CAN module and the input, LED/and sensor, the following guidelines should be followed:

* Connection to the inputs: no maximum cable length

* Connection to a feedback LED: no maximum cable length

* Connection to a temperature sensor: cable maximum 1 meter

All OpenMotics CAN modules (CAN Control and micro CAN) will be available during January 2017.

As always, feel free to contact us on if you have additional questions.

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